Shields Over $60 Personal Energy Devices

Cell Phone Radiation Shields

The difficulty many consumers face when looking for a cell phone radiation shield is how the shields actually work. Cell phone radiation can be a difficult thing to understand, and the methods used to shield and block it can be challenging for concerned owners of cell phones.

There are three ways that cell phone radiation shields work: human energy amplification, phone energy reorganization, and phone energy redirection.

The first, human energy amplification, is the most advanced means of shielding from cell phone radiation. It involves being in proximity to a carefully tuned device that resonates with your natural energy field to increase your resistance to stress, which includes toxic signals from your cell phone. The Q-Link and BioElectric Shield are two such advanced personal energy products that protect from cell phone radiation in this way.

The second method involved the shield either emitting or resonating with existing frequencies to alter their energetic signature into non-harmful signals. This method can come at a loss to signal quality, but is an effective and viable way to shield against cell phone radiation.

The third method is redirection, which involves either blocking or channeling the radiation emitted from cell phones so that it is directed away from the user. The WaveShield and Pong case are examples of this shielding method; the WaveShield accomplishes this with reflective material that stands between you and your phone, and the Pong case accomplishes this by attracting and channeling the phone’s radiation in the opposite direction as the user.

There are about a dozen companies who offer products which have been proven to be effective at shielding against cell phone radiation. Please see below for full information on these products.

I have also created a page listing the best shields available, which are made by established companies, have been thoroughly tested, and are proven to be effective.

If you do not see a shield listed here, it is because I feel their products are not sufficiently grounded in science and/or have not been proven to be effective.

$20-$30 shields

iShield chip by iHealth – recommended

WaveShield by ICI Communications – recommended

Safe Cell tab by CellTeck Inc.

Cell Shield by Millennium Products

SAR Shield by SAR Shield

$30-$60 shields

Pong shielding case by Pong Research – recommended

MATRIX chip by Matrix World

EMR Defender shield by AlphaBioCentrix

Cook’s Digital Cell Phone Diode by Ener-G Polari-T

over $60 shields and personal energy devices

Q-Link personal energy device by Clarus Transphase Scientific – recommended

BioElectric Shield personal energy device by the BioElectric Shield Company