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Recommended Cell Phone Radiation Shields

These shields are the best overall cell phone radiation shields on the market. They are affordable, accessible, and backed by hard scientific data to prove their effectiveness . The companies behind each of these products have tested and proven that their shields are effectiveness with third party laboratories. The shields are made by reputable, established companies who offer real and lasting protection from cell phone radiation at fair prices.

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#1 Q-Link

$24.95 orĀ  five for $99

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Q-Link was listed at the bottom of this list until recently, when Q-Link released the Mini. Before the Mini was released, Q-Link’s advanced technology products were all rather expensive and were not a reasonable solution for most people interested in protecting themselves from cell phone radiation. The Q-Link Mini has changed this and puts Q-Link at the top of the list of recommended cell phone radiation shields.

Q-Link technology is somewhat of an open secret among many top athletes, celebrities, scientists, and other notable people around the world. Q-Link technology is extremely advanced and the changes that people experience when using Q-Link products speak for themselves. The Q-Link Mini brings this advanced technology to a more accessible level and opens the door for anyone who is concerned with the dangers of cell phone radiation to use Q-Link’s SRT technology for their own personal protection.

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#2 WaveShield

$24.95, 5 for $99

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WaveShields are excellent general purpose cell phone radiation shields. If you want a low-cost shield that will protect you where you need it most, WaveShields are the best for you.

WaveShields are simple to apply and effective at shielding cell phone radiation. They are not high-tech solutions like other shielding products, but they do the job well and are easy to use. Perhaps the best thing about the WaveShield is that you can protect a family of four cell phone users for just $60, a meager price to pay to protect four people from cell phone radiation, considering the risks at stake.

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#3 Pong Research Cases


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Although the Pong Research cases are only made for certain models of smartphones and are a bit more expensive than other solutions, they are an excellent choice for people who want a proven means of protecting themselves from cell phone radiation while also protecting their phones from wear and tear. The Pong cases are both cell phone radiation shields and rugged phone protection cases in one.

If you have an iPhone or Blackberry, pick up a Pong case and protect yourself and your phone. You won’t be disappointed.

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#4 iShield

$24.95, 5 for $99

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The iShield is one of many innovative and beneficial health products from the iHealth company and it offers a good combination of value and effectiveness.

iHealth has created shields specially designed for for cell phones as well as wireless earpieces such as Bluetooth units. There is even an all-purpose iShield made for other radiation-heavy devices such as computer monitors. iShields work with every make and model of cell phone and are extremely effective at neutralizing the dangerous effects of cell phone radiation.