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Cell Phone Radiation Shield Review

Cell phone radiation is a serious public health issue that is currently affecting billions of people around the world. Prolonged and even short-term exposure to cell phone (microwave) radiation opens the door to a wide variety of health risks, including brain cancer, hearing and memory loss, and many other serious health concerns.

This issue is particularly relevant to the health and well-being of children. If you or someone you know has children who use cell phones on a regular basis, you need to equip their cell phones with radiation shields immediately. Children are several times more at risk than adults for complications involving cell phone radiation.

This site is dedicated to helping consumers review the most effective cell phone radiation shields available and how each product works. Our reviews can be found from the sidebar or from the cell phone radiation reviews page, which contains links to full reviews of every reputable shielding product available.

I emphasize reputable because there are a handful of cell phone radiation shields on the market that are either not proven to work or promoted by companies with dubious sales strategies.

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I have also created a page highlighting the best cell phone radiation shields on the market to help you narrow in on the shield that is best for you and the people you want to protect from cell phone radiation.

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There are also a few other pages with more information about the cell phone radiation issue.

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